How to make a cover letter for a resume?

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The Internet at the first request will provide you with 1000 and one recommendation how to write and formulate them. Alas, usually one recommendation even from the best resources accounts for the amount of water equal to the volume of the Olympic basin. So we will talk about the most common, obligatory and useful things, the inclusion of which in the accompanying one just does not hurt.

You can not read the resume well enough, but the accompanying, it does not matter, to hh or sent to the mail of the company should be perfectly read. Avoid mistakes, put beautiful quotes and dashes instead of hyphens, or just put a Birman layout and always write beautifully. How to make a cover letter for a resume?

Personalize. You address to the company or to the person known to you who represents it, make the letter aimed specifically at them and at no one else. Even a single sentence, substituted in the template accompanying, can turn everything.

How to make a cover letter for a resume? Attract attention, show interest in the work in this team and the banal attention to detail, which in IT is never superfluous. At the same time, increase the number of answers and the quality of feedback, as the attitude of HR may become more personal.

Examples are generalized, but the thought is clear, I hope.

  • If to the company. “I always dreamed of working in Yandex, you have such cool hoodies! I especially liked the design with a pocket for a laptop on my chest, a very cool thing, I have already bought one myself.
  • If a representative. Suppose you are knocking at a small studio, in which in the Career section of the site it is indicated that they have one HR, the first name, last name and photo are indicated. Here you can go in two ways: just contact by name or a little google about a person.

Follow the rules of business correspondence. No one bothers to make jokes, but do it without a ton of emoticons and competently. If you are not sure that you can make a letter with jokes, jokes correctly and efficiently, better without jokes. If you consider yourself the main comedian in the village, you can use stylized pictures, a cat with sweet eyes, a request for feedback, and everything else. But it is better to NEVER do so with respect to large and old companies, especially from the public sector or business. HR may like you, but will not go further than him because of his lack of seriousness.